Extension to Time that outputs RFC2822 compliant string on #

Public Instance Methods

old_to_s(format = nil) click to toggle source
Alias for: to_s
to_s(format = nil) click to toggle source

Returns RFC2822 compliant string for Time object. For example,

 # Tony Blair's last day in office (hopefully)
 best_day_ever = Time.local(2007, 6, 27)
 best_day_ever.to_s # => "Wed, 27 Jun 2007 00:00:00 +0100"

You can also pass in an option format argument that corresponds to acceptable values according to ActiveSupport’s +Time#to_formatted_s+ method.

    # File lib/twitter/ext/stdlib.rb, line 33
33:   def to_s(format = nil)
34:     format ? self.to_formatted_s(format) : self.rfc2822
35:   end
Also aliased as: old_to_s

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