Contribute Code

To streamline the contribution of patches or fixes to Twitter4R it would be helpful if people followed the following steps:

1. Checkout the SVN trunk like so: svn checkout svn:// twitter4r.

2. Make necessary changes to source.

3. Run rake to see if all any existing specs fail.

4. If you are versed in RSpec it would speed up inclusion of patch if you could submit necessary changes to the specifications in your patch diff submission. Also please add necessary specs to achieve 100% C0 code coverage if possible.

5. At the trunk root dir type: svn diff > output.patch.

6. Add the output.patch file to the relevant ticket at the Twitter4R Retrospectiva site.

For the purpose of attributing credit to the appropriate person, please also include your name, url and/or email address in the ticket.

Contribute Buzz

If you like the Twitter4R project and would like to ensure it will continue to be supported in the future, but you aren't able to submit patches or unable to contribute funds to the project, you can spread the word about the project in a few ways:

1. Add/share links to the project website or Twitter4R articles to your social bookmarking accounts like, mag.nolia, etc.

2. Digg or vote for news postings related to Twitter4R on,, etc.

3. Rate the Twitter4R project on Ohloh and 4. Tweet about Twitter4R on Twitter itself (preferably using Twitter4R).

Contribute Funds

Twitter4R is an open source project where work occurs in the developer's spare time. To help ensure the project momentum continues you can donate funds to the project via PayPal: